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The optimal contract processes for a company in the retail industry 

Nobody wants to forget to cancel a lease or reclaim a supplier discount. And yet, it happens all the time. Discover the contractual challenges within the retail industry and how Contractify helps your business to thrive through them. 

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Top 3 challenging contract situations in the retail business

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Keeping an overview

Multiple locations and legal entities make it difficult to keep track of all contracts.

  • You want to have a complete overview of all contracts, but also for each branch separately

  • You don't want to be looking for a contract and related documents for hours

  • You want to make sure contracts are not consulted by unauthorized users. 

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Supplier relationships

Identifying, evaluating and monitoring risks is essential to avoid legal conflicts with suppliers and other stakeholders.

  • You need to stay on top of important contract milestones and tasks (end date, notice period, rebate claim…)

  • You want to ensure each contract is approved by the right person

  • It has to be clear who is responsible for the follow-up

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Strict legislation

Given the highly regulated retail market, all contracts must comply with current regulations.

  • Make sure you mitigate legal and financial risks during the approval & signing processes

  • You want to instantly find contracts that need to be adjusted 

  • You want to access different contract versions and keep a contract trail

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Contractify helps you to...

🦾 Take full control over your contracts 

🗺️Set up streamlined contract workflows that save you time, reduce errors, and clarify responsibilities. 

💸Maximize the value of your contracts.

How we do that?

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The story behind Contractify


In 2015, Contractify started setting up efficient contract management procedures in medium-sized and large enterprises. It soon became clear that there was a need for a tool to centralise and automate contract management. So Contractify's founders Steven Debrauwere and Herlinde De Buck translated their years of practical experience into a contract management cloud solution.

The result is Contractify's user-friendly contract management platform containing everything an organisation needs to get a grip on all contracts again. Our contract experts and AI technology do the rest: register contracts, help monitor deadlines and offer contract management advice tailored to your team. 

So thanks to Contractify, more than 130 companies have regained control of their contracts.
Now it is up to you!