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Without Ada

BEFORE ADA_transparent

Repetitive contract administration adds to the already excessive workload of expensive profiles

Contracts are scattered across different departments & devices

Parts of contracts get lost or overlooked

Critical data is missing or not registered for follow-up

Contract administration gets postponed regularly


With Ada

With ADA_transparent

English & Dutch contracts are read, analysed & registered up to 3x faster

Data is retrieved & suggested from all contract related documents

Follow-up tasks are automatically created on the approved contract data

You feel coached & motivated to finish what you started




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Meet Ada, your 5-second contract data analyst


Contractify ada meta data analysis

Easily spot missing contract data

Ada reads your contract for you, and suggests what data you really need to keep track of. You now know exactly when a contract has started, what its termination date is, if it will be tacitly renewed and, if so, how long your notice period is.

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Contractify ada meta data analysis

No more automatic renewals & contract errors

Ada always provides contract data suggestions based on all the documents that are linked to the contract, such as the terms & conditions, non-disclosure agreements etc. With this award-winning feature, you never miss an important deadline that was hidden in one of the addenda. Knowing when a contract ends and how long its notice period is, helps you to automatically delegate follow-up tasks to the right department.

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Contractify ada contract data auto renewals
Contractify ada contract digital signing flow

Finally create an easy contract procedure

The digitization of contract management is often pushed back by lack of either time or resources to deal with the existing load of contracts. Ada helps to digitize contracts 3x faster than any other colleague could. Working with a central contract repository that is renowned for its user-friendliness, enables colleagues to collaborate in the best way possible.

  • see what is agreed in your contracts in one overview
  • find any document through powerful contract filters
  • report in real-time on your contracts in your personal contract dashboard

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Contractify ada contract digital signing flow

We believe contract management should be automated, easy and paperless

That's why we offer our state-of-the-art AI-assistant Ada for free for 1 month this week!

Ada helps you to:

✔️ Digitize your contract management in under 2 weeks

✔️ Minimize repetitive contract administration tasks

✔️ Regain a grip on your contracts & avoid human errors

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