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Is your contract management ready for the future


Discover which era your contract management is in with this 5-minute quiz & receive a professional step-by-step improvement plan for the way your contracts are managed.

What to expect from your contract character quiz

With a quick 5-minute quiz, our experts guide you through a quiz on how you manage your contracts. The outcome of the test will provide you with free personalized advice that helps you to 

👉 gain insights in how well your contract management is performing,

👉 identify areas of improvement, and

👉 create a plan of action to reach your goals.


Why do you need a Contract Management Quiz?

In 2023, organizations will encounter three primary challenges in contract management:

1. dealing with growing contract complexity,

2. strengthening compliance and risk management, and

3. establishing better transparency.

The best way to start tackling these issues today, is to assess your current contract management maturity and draft a clear plan of action to improve your contract management. By taking an in-depth look at your processes and identifying areas for improvement, you can build a future-proof contract management procedure & stay ahead in a constantly changing world.

Sounds good, right? Take the quiz & get a free personalized optimization plan for your contract process. 

What's Contractify?


In 2015, Contractify’s founders, Steven Debrauwere and Herlinde De Buck translated their years of practical experience in contract management into a cloud contract management software: Contractify.

Contractify's user-friendly platform provides everything an organisation needs to (re)gain a grip on its contracts. Our experts do the rest: registering contracts, following up deadlines and providing you with best-in-class contract management advice.

Over 90 companies successfully improved their contracts’ value with Contractify.
Join them on the road to success today!