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What pitfalls should you look out for in NDA's?

Are you curious to know how to safely sign a non-disclosure agreement or to know how long an NDA is valid for? We answer the top 4 frequently asked questions about NDAs for you in this easy Q&A guide.

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This guide answers the top 4 frequently asked questions about NDAs:

  1. Can you just sign an NDA?
  2. How can you safely sign a last minute NDA?
  3. What is an NDA's term
  4. How do you correctly manage NDAs from signing to follow-up?

Our experts shed a light on all the above in this brand-new guide. Fill in your details and receive the full article in your mailbox today.

Who is this guide for?


Legal teams who want to strengthen
their NDA approach.


Sales teams who don't want NDAs to slow down the commercial process.


Business owners & CEOs who want to sign and monitor NDAs in a secure way.

What others are saying about this guide:


"Contractify's expertise helps us better understand our contracts and how best to manage them. This guide on NDAs was a real eye-opener!"

"Our sales process is no longer disrupted by endless palavering about NDAs, thanks to the concrete tips in this guide."

"Issues with NDAs have caused uncomfortable situations in the past. Now we not only know what to watch out for in secrecy clauses, we have also learned how to best tackle specific situations. Highly recommended."