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"What should you take into account when working on Data Processing Agreements?" 

This expert guide answers all frequently asked questions about DPA's and shows you the 5 simple steps that lead to a good DPA.


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In this guide:

  1. You learn to identify who you need a DPA with.
  2. You discover what the contractual situations are with a DPA.
  3. You get insights on what actions you should take when a DPA is no longer active.
  4. You receive easy tips & tricks on how to save time with the follow-up of your DPA.

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Who's this guide for?



Data Protection Officers (DPOs) who want to simplify or complete their DPA process.


Legal teams looking for an efficient DPA approach and follow-up.


Business owners & CEO's who want to create and monitor DPAs in a secure and comprehensive manner.

What others say about this guide:


"This guide has allowed us to drastically simplify our DPA process. We now know exactly with whom we should enter into such an agreement and how we can ensure proper follow-up."

"We downloaded this document yesterday and were able to apply all the tips & tricks today. Thanks for this, it makes my job so much easier!"

"Bit crazy that I could not do this myself so easily before. Now everything goes almost automatically. The article was a real eye-opener."