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Draft contracts faster online with contract templates

✔ Get 100% compliant contracts in under 5 minutes

Easy contract drafting, even for non-legal departments

✔ Create clause libraries and save precious time

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Tired of spending hours drafting contracts? 

Our experts audit your current drafting process and help you draft 100% compliant contracts in just a couple of minutes.


Who can benefit from automated contract templates?

Legal departments
(in-house counsels, head of legal,...)

Contract templates provide a starting point for drafting more complex agreements. This helps reduce the time and effort required to draft customized contracts from scratch and makes it child's play to adapt any template throughout the whole organization at once. It can help streamline the contract creation process and ensure consistency across different contracts.

Non-legal departments
(sales, HR, facility, purchase, contract managers..)

Non-legal departments also need to create basic legal agreements sometimes, such as rental agreements or employment contracts. With contract templates they can quickly draft legal documents that automatically include a legal counsel's expertise. This helps reduce the risk of errors or omissions in contracts and shields the business from unwanted risks. 

What are the key benefits of using contract templates?

1. Draft contracts a lot faster

By utilising a standardized contract template to establish business agreements, instead of drafting contracts, like NDA's from scratch each time, you speed up the contracting process by 50%, meaning contract drafting takes hours instead of days or weeks. Standardization also minimises the time spent reviewing individual contracts, as templates can be used repeatedly to meet your company's requirements. 

2. Smoother negotiation phase

These templates, which are designed for various roles and stakeholders, also simplify the editing and negotiation process. As a result, you can benefit from redline solutions that enable them to easily monitor and adjust changes. This enables decision-makers and project stakeholders to confidently draft contracts that meet the needs of all parties involved.

 3. Reduce legal costs

Having to draft custom contracts for each business agreement can substantially raise the contracting procedure cost. With standardized contracts, every contract is drafted efficiently and the need for custom contracts for each business agreement can be eliminated. The expenditure on external legal advisors can be minimized as legal wouldn't have to review each contract. This way, legal can devote more time to high-priority contracts, thereby contributing to a reduction in overall costs.

 4. Create more consistency in contracts

In the traditional, paper-based contract process, it is easier to interfere with contract terms. Such actions can damage a company or employer's reputation. And customers may end up signing unfair contracts that do not serve their interests. Contract templates ensure consistency through steady form and structure, allowing your team to quickly find essential aspects within a template. You can easily adapt the terms of standard contracts to new business or client needs.

5. Increase flexibility

Contract templates allow teams from HR, Legal, Procurement, Finance and Operations to customise the content of templates according to their business needs. The ability to use similar templates for different clients ensures seamless business operations. Teams can scale their contracting processes by adapting terms and conditions to their current business needs.

Get more value out of your contracts with Contractify

At Contractify, we don't start or stop at easy contract drafting online. Our contract management platform provides complete control over all your contracts and documents and allows you to manage the entire contract lifecycle in one convenient online tool.

contractify dashboard mockup-2

In 80% of organizations, it takes forever to get contracts and documents through the entire lifecycle. We help you solve this problem with:

green-checkmark Approval & signing flows to get contracts reviewed and signed in under 1 day.

green-checkmark Automated tasks and notifications to have full control over contract follow-up tasks.

green-checkmark Centralized contract libraries with summaries for a clear overview of all contracts, related documents and communication. 

green-checkmark User management and permissions to keep team members aligned on one shared platform.

green-checkmark Personalized dashboards and reports perfectly suited for gaining insights into the large amount of contract data.

Want to start automating your contract process?Get a demo with our experts!

The story behind Contractify


Contractify started off in 2015 by consulting organisations on how to set up their contract management process. It soon became obvious there was a need for a tool to centralise and automate contract management. That’s when Contractify’s founders, Steven Debrauwere and Herlinde De Buck translated their years of practical experience into a cloud-based contract management solution.

Contractify's user-friendly automation platform provides everything an organisation needs to (re)gain a grip on its contracts. 

Explore the tool & discover your favourite feature...for free!

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